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St. Panda suggests scientifically-proven activities based on your mood in order to make you happy😃 and mindful😌 in less than 5 minutes a day

Meet St. Panda


Get scientifically-proven activities and inspirations based on YOUR MOOD!

I will track your daily mood and learn your mood swings to suggest the exact activity that you need to feel better


Break Negative Cycles. 

Create the Happiness Habit.

I will send you calls-to-happiness and positive quotes to uplift your day and create unstoppable happiness!


Become Happier and Healthier 

in less than 5 minutes a day.

Increase up to 25% of your happiness levels by practicing every day. That's more than doubling your salary!

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Happiness made simple. 

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St. Panda, Happiness Chabot.

Av. Bispo Dom José, 2051.

Curitiba, PR. Brazil. 


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